Texas Good Sam Chapters


What is the Texas Good Sam Chapters? The Texas Good Sam Chapters is the State organization, affiliated with The Good Sam Club, for Recreational Vehicle (RV) enthusiasts. Texas Good Sam Chapters consists of 17 areas consisting of multiple local chapters which meet monthly and special interest chapters such as Red Hat, Military  and so forth which usually meet once a year at The Texas State Rally..

What is the structure of the Texas Good Sam Chapters? The State Committee is made up of Chapter presidents or their representatives. There is a State Director appointed for a two-year term by the International Good Sam Club from the recommendation made by Chapters throughout the State. The State Director conducts the business of the State Organization and organizes new chapters within the State. The State Organization holds one state rally each year. The business of the State Organization is conducted at the state RV rally.

Who can be a member of the Texas Good Sam Chapters? Membership in a local Good Sam Chapter in Texas automatically makes an individual a member of the Texas Good Sam Chapters. In order to join a local Good Sam Chapter, you must be a member of the Good Sam Club.

Why should you belong to a local Chapter? You should belong to a local Chapter for the fun, fellowship, games, travel, eating, craft, etc. A Chapter is made up of a varying number of rigs. The individual Chapter decides on the number of rigs in their chapter to insure a camping spot for all members wishing to attend a campout. Chapters support each other by having monthly campouts, or during winter months, having dinner meetings. They camp together and support each other when there are problems. Local Chapters have vests in their Chapter colors, patches, etc. The more who are involved, the more things you can do. Many Chapters support local charities and  Special Olympics and/or Dogs for the Deaf.

Why should you attend a Texas RV Rally? At the Texas RV Rally, you will find people from all over the State, as well as other states and countries. You will make many friends who you will run into from time to time at other functions. You can play games, both indoor and outdoor; do crafts; attend seminars; enjoy good entertainment; and many other special activities. You will receive a patch at each State RV Rally attended that can go on your Chapter vest.

Who can attend a State RV Rally? Any member of the Good Sam Club is authorized to attend a State RV Rally. Membership in a local Good Sam Chapter is not a prerequisite, however joining a local Chapter is encouraged. If you are not a member of Good Sam Club, you can join at the Rally.

What are the patches associated with a state RV rally? There are two special patches you can work toward by attending not only the Texas RV Rally, but also the Rv rallies in other states. One of these is the Century Patch for which you must attend 10 State RV Rallies. At least two of the Rallies have to be in the South Regon, which is composed of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. You will be given a form to have signed at each Rally you attend, and after acquiring 10 signatures you may purchase a Century Patch and have it presented to you by the State Director. This presentation must be done in a South Region State. As you continue to attend State Rv Rallies and get 10 more signatures, you will qualify for a Star to go around your basic patch.

The other patch is the South Region RV Rally Patch, for which you qualify after attending a RV Rally in each of the South Region States; Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. You get your form signed in each state and qualify at the 6th state. Attending all of the South Region  States again, you will earn a star.