Texas Good Sam Chapters Scholarship

NAME: As approved by the State Committee of the Texas Good Sam Chapters on April 2, 2011 and modified on April 5, 2014 and April 4, 2015, this scholarship will be known as the Texas Good Sam Chapters Scholarship.

PURPOSE: It is the purpose of the State Committee of the Texas Good Sam Chapters to establish the TEXAS GOOD SAM CHAPTERS SCHOLARSHIP by Texas Good Sam Chapters to enable a qualifying student graduating from High School or currently attending a community college, college or trade school to receive a one-time sum of $250.00 from The Texas Good Sam Chapters for their use when attending a college, junior college or trade school of their choice.


Applicant must be either a child,grandchild,greatgrandchildorgreat-greatgrandchildofa chapter member of an active chapter of The Texas Good Sam Chapters

Applicant’s parent,grandparent,great-grandparent and/or great-greatgrandparent must be legal and full time resident of The State of Texas.

Applicant must be a Texas resident.

Applicant must have a 3.0 GPA or better at the time of application Applicant must provide a copy of official high school transcript or previous year’s college or trade school transcript.

Applicant must show proof of SAT scores.

Applicant must submit a listing of their community service involvement.

Applicant must submit, in 300 words or less,what TheTexas Good Sam Chapters means to them.


All applications must be postmarked by September 1st of the year in which the application is being submitted.


Each year, the State Director of The Texas Good Sam Chapters shall select and appoint three (3) Texas Good Sam Chapter members  that are in good standing to serve as the Texas Good Sam Chapters Scholarship Committee. This appointed Committee shall serve as the Scholarship Committee until the selection process has been completed for the particular year to which they have been appointed.

Applications for the Texas Good Sam Chapters’ Scholarship shall be submitted to the State Director at the address as specified each year by the State Director.

Once the Application deadline has passed, and no later than September 5th of each year, the State Director, shall copy each application, removing identifying information and thereafter assigning a number to each application. The Application(s) are then to be copied and mailed to each member of the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee will then review each application and attachments in their entirety and within ten (10) days, and not later than September 20th make their selection of the best qualified recipient of the scholarship. Each member of the scholarship committee shall report back to the State Director, their selection of the candidate by providing the State Director the number of the applicant which has been assigned. In the event of a tie, the State Director will appoint one Texas Good Sam Chapters’ member, which is in good standing, who shall be provided a copy of the applications which are tied and that person shall break the tie with their selection of the competing applications; which determination shall be made by September 25th. Once the tie has been broken, the appointed person shall notify the State Director of his/her selection of the winning candidate no later than September 30th.

Once the winning candidate has been determined and provided to the State Director, the State Director shall contact the winning candidate, via telephone and advise them of their selection as the winner.

All scholarship award monies are to be sent directly to the winning Applicant’s designated university.