Supported Charities

Supported Organizations

The Texas Good Sam Chapters support two major organizations, Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. and Special Olympics
The following is an extract from Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. website:
Good Sam Club LogoIn 1980 the Good Sam Club adopted Dogs for the Deaf as its official charity.
 With encouragement from Good Sam Headquarters, members and chapters all across the U.S. and Canada have committed themselves to supporting Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. in the following ways:
  • Good Sam members have shown their tremendous support financially with numerous fund raising events and hard work reflecting their vast energy and enthusiasm for helping these unique dogs and special people.
  • Good Sam members have conducted many in-home interviews of applicants for Hearing Dogs, saving Dogs for the Deaf a considerable amount of time and money.
  • As Good Samers travel and meet new people, they have spread the word of the wonderful service provided by Hearing Dogs. This has been an immense help in increasing our network of applicants and donors.
We want all Good Sam members to know how important their support is to the success of our Hearing Dog program and how much we appreciate their hard work. Good Samers, with their dedication to helping others, are making a miraculous difference in the lives of both people and dogs by supporting Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.