State Staff

Our State Staff

Our Directors, Ron & Rene’  Boullion

Joanne Rich, State Secretary and Past State Director
State Treasurer
Chuck & Sue Powell, State Treasurer & inside Coordinator
ASD Jay and Gloria Delmar
Jay & Gloria Delmar, ASD Areas 1, 13, 16, 17


Alice Barnet, ASD Areas 2, 5, 12, 15 & Games Coordinator 

Area 4 ASD's
Terry & Dixie Hines, Area 4 ASD’s

Roger & Jo Hyer, ASDs Area 6, Patch Booth & Parking 

ASD Area 7
Wes & Jan Cordes, ASDs Area 7 & Social Coordinator 
ASD Area 8, 9 & 10
Bill Vinson & Linda Runkie, ASDs Areas 8, 9 & 10

William (Bill) & Cindy Massey, ASDs Area 11

Misachilene & Leslie Dennis, ASDs Area 14

JoAnn (Jody) Birchett, Registrar

Richard & Julia Bauman, Chaplain / Hospitality

Jerry Boyce, Electrician

Ken & Gloria Brown, Sewing

Game Leader
Patti Dodds-Hollis, Door Prizes
Game leaders
Reggie & Linda Fields, Game Leaders
Parking and Registration
Ed & Sue Foreman, Parking and Registration
WEB Master
Chuck Hayes, WEB Master
Our Sound man
Sammy & Martha LaRue, Coffee, Tea and Sound
Decoration and Lines Dancing
Mary Jo Litton, Decoration and Line Dancing
Door Prizes
Donna Mann, Door Prizes
Wagon Master and Registration
David & Janet Mitchell, Wagon Master and Registration
Vendor Coordinator
Bob & Julie North, Vendor Coordinator
Sound Man
Lawrence Phillips, Sound
Past State Directors
Don & Shirl Prater, Equipment & Past State Directors
Sound Crew
Billy & Anita Starritt, Sound and Radios