Golden Shoe Award



  • To be awarded to the one who first initiates action resulting in help to a fellow RVer. It is immaterial whether or not the person helped is a member of the Good Sam Club.
  • Award to be limited to “on the road” emergencies (i.e. accidents, flat tires, breakdown of RV, etc.)  Should not normally include such things as helping with hitch-up, patching a leak, or other routine acts, unless there are special extenuating circumstances. This should exclude routine help to chapter members.


  • Facts relating to nominees for this award will be forwarded to the State Director.
  • The State Director will refer all nominations to the Awards Committee if necessary. The Awards Committee or director will select the best qualified individual or couples to receive the award.  (Not limited to one individual or one couple.)
  • The award presentation will be made at the Annual Texas Rally by the Director. If not at the Rally, after approval of the State Director, the award may be presented by an Assistant State Director at an appropriate time and place.
  • Details of the award or awards presentation will be forwarded to the HIGHWAYS magazine by the State Director.


  • The award will consist of a GOLDEN SHOE or suitably engraved plaque, or both. The Golden Shoe is a gold plastic work shoe replica, approximately 1-1/2” x 2” in size, suitable for wearing on a vest or jacket.
  • The emblem and title of the award were selected to recognize that the person receiving the award took the “extra step” to assist another RVer in time of need.