State Meeting Minutes


Saturday, April 1, 2018

2018 Texas Rally – Waco, Texas

I. Meeting was Called to Order by State Director Joanne Rich.

II. The Invocation was given by Jay Delmar, State Chaplin

III. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Veryl Sullivan, Asst. Vendor Coordinator

IV. State Director Joanne Rich welcomed everyone to the meeting.

V. Cheryl Riley, State Secretary, did the Official Roll Call. 32 present.

VI. Introduction of Special Guests (State Director Joanne Rich)-none

VII. Cheryl Riley, State Secretary, requested any additional or corrections to the Minutes of 2018 Good Sam Texas State Rally. There were none. Motion made and seconded to approve Minutes as written. Motion carried.

VIII. Kate Boyce, State Treasurer, requested any additional or corrections to the Treasurer’s Report. There were none. Motion made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written. Motion carried.

IX. Standing Committee Reports: Reminder to all that no one is allowed, except for the State Director, to sign contracts. a. Equipment Report/Trailer Update:

  1. Trailers are in good shape. Tires will be needed to be replaced soon. Close to needing new boxes inside the trailer. Game boards were getting bad, they were refurbished/repaired by volunteers. $30 for paint is all it cost.
  2. General Maintenance: Tires will probably need replacing soon.

b. Commercial/Vendor Report by Rhonda Sullivan: 19 Vendors, 30 Booths, Vendors had 11 rigs, $2,025 Booth Rental, $1367 RV parking for a total of $3392.

c. Anniversary and Memorial on Website. Please send information to your ASD.

d. Patch Booth/Patches: Problem getting patches. We need to find another vendor. Patch prices have more than doubled since last year.

X. State Rally Site Reviews, suggested locations. Waco-starting construction this year. Parking prices going up. Rally needs a large building that holds up to 600 people, a building for the vendors, seminars, and games. Parking needs to hold 300 rigs.

XI. Old Business:

a. Wire -Study—Keep wire for 2019. Motion made to keep wire, seconded. Motion carried. Will analyze new parking requirements/restrictions on or around March 1, 2019 for Rally. Some of the wire on hand will be modified to 30 and 50 amp. Motion made to have it done and paid, seconded. Motion carried. Motion was made to allow for the wire to be transported to Abilene to be modified. Motion seconded and carried. Harold and Jerry Boyce have priced all the items needed to rebuild the electric boxes. They estimate they will need: 60 – 30 Amp outlets @7.99 total $479.40. 3 -50 foot rolls of # 10 wire @ 18.72 total $56.16 60 – 1 inch knockout plugs @.51 total $30.60 2 tubes of silicone @ 5.98 total $ 11.96. 2 cans of spray paint @3.99 total $7.98. Total is: $586.10 plus tax. This estimate does not reflect or include any damage they may find to the 50 amp plugs or outlets or increase in price of supplies.

b. Wireless Sound System—Motion made and seconded to buy new system, for a price no greater than $15,000. Motion carried.

c. Scholarship—none received.

XII. New Business
a. State Director Election—Joanne & Jim Rich are not running next term for State Director. Kate Boyce-Treasurer-is sending nomination packets out to all Chapter Presidents. Kate will be receiving all nominations for new State Director and then sending them out for final voting.

b. Need new Webmaster, as he has resigned. (Later in the meeting, Chuck Hayes was appointed as Webmaster and he is currently working to resolve issues with the website.)

c. Proposed Changes

  1. SOP-Mileage Reimbursement—….”paid mileage reimbursement to and from State Committee meetings, equal to the rate paid by the Club or the current mileage reimbursement that is allowable by the IRS.”… Delete “an otherwise agreed amount for mileage set by the State Committee.” Motion made, seconded and motion passed 2. Texas Scrapbook Competition- Does not leave the State. To include all what your club does—get togethers, dinners, charity work, Chapter Comradery. Keep scrapbooks—motion made, seconded, passed. 3. Website—Contract was made and signed by the Webmaster to have a company monitor the Texas Good Sam website (malware) for one year at a price of $1,000. Motion made to cancel/terminate contract and reimburse the Webmaster $560. Motion made, seconded and passed.

XIII. Closing Remarks: Presidents and Secretaries will receive all information in the next few weeks.

Meeting closed at 10:40 AM

Cheryl Riley, State Secretary